Friday, August 24, 2012

Raspberry Pi in an Acrylic Skin

Making a case

This box was made on the Orlando Community Hackerspace's (FamiLAB) laser cutter from material sources from the local Lowe's home supply box store.
The 8in by 10in acrylic sheet was about US $2.00 and is 2mm (.080inches) thick.
more info about this design pattern needs to be posted here.

Dedicated display?
Power source?
Now to work on the software side?

Copyright © by David B.


  1. Hi, my call is KM4UN when I get on!

    I re-purpose old thin client computers and more recently following this raspberry pi craze.

    One idea I just saw in another rpi blog was a guy that added the needed powered USB hub and also powered the rpi with the same wall wart. The neat part was that he bought an un-powered hub for quite a bit less money and hacked it. the link -

    One idea that works for me but won't for you is to use the 5v output of an old computer supply. You'll notice a slight wave on your screen from the ripple. For me, my little thin clients work in clusters without a screen, so it's fine.


    1. Hello Leo,

      What thin clients are you hacking? I want to make one into a media player for a RV.

      73, David - KC4ZVW